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Electrical &


7.4V DC output


5C discharge rating*


1C charging rating*


2.5 hour maximum charging time


Maximum 7A sustained draw before automatic shut-off


Short circuit protection in each battery


IEC-60601 Approved


RoHS Compliant


2 year expected service life

*"C" defined as maximum safe current flow multiplier per total battery capacity


FlexCell Mini

Weight: 17 grams


Weight: 31 grams

Each Kit Includes

FlexCell(s) / FlexCell Minis

Instruction manual x1

Charging port x1

Magnetic charger & wall adapter x1

Flange for charging port x2

"High Capacity" charger provided for systems 1100 mAh and above

"Low Capacity" charger provided for systems below 1100 mAh

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550 mAh (1x)


1100 mAh (2x)


1650 mAh (3x)


2200 mAh (4x)

660 mAh (2x)


990 mAh (3x)


1320 mAh (4x)

Connector Options &

Device Compatibility

Ottobock 2-pin

Motion Control 4-pin

RSLSteeper 2-pin

Default connector when ordered

We can install custom output connectors as well.  Contact us directly for custom work.

FlexCell has been tested with the following:

Touch Bionics i-limb series


RSLSteeper bebionic series


Motion Control Terminal Devices


Contact us regarding myoelectric hands not listed.



Extra flanges


Car charger (For at least 1100 mAh systems only)



Technical Specifications

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